Things Aren’t Always What They Seem in a Home Inspection

bathroom with painted sheetrock walls and painted floor home inspection fail

Can you spot what’s wrong in this picture?

One of the most helpful aspects of a home inspection is that our home inspectors have a lot of experience, which means they can often tell when something deserves a closer look. That was exactly the case with the homeowners in this situation.

Like the photo here of the bathroom, sometimes things are not quite what they seem. These homebuyers were looking at a house that had some newer updates, which made it appealing. Like this updated bathroom with a somewhat industrial feel from the sleek new tub, large square black rainfall showerhead above and handheld shower on the wall, glass doors and concrete walls and flooring.

Not everyone prefers this more modern or industrial style in a bathroom, but it’s minimalist design would allow anyone to add personalized touches to make it softer, using almost any color palette imaginable.

But wait.

It’s newly remodeled, but is there something else going on? Something that the buyers need to be aware of?

It turns out that those “concrete” walls were simply painted sheetrock with a faux concrete finish.

And similarly the “concrete” floor is faux finish painted wood.

Both were done well enough that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance, which was the case here. But as we all know, water and sheetrock or wood do not mix well.

The first time the family showered, they would quickly find out the mistake. The drywall and wood floor would both immediately be exposed to moisture. Mildew and potentially mold would begin to form. At some point they would be facing a necessary remodel and likely expensive mold remediation.

The important thing to know is that it was caught and noted during our home inspection. This information does not automatically mean that it’s a deal-breaker and the buyer needs to back out of the transaction. What it does do is offer peace of mind in knowing about possible problems before the home purchase contract is completed, and allow the homebuyers to either negotiate a fix as part of the purchase contract, or have an understanding of what fix is needed after they purchase and the probable budget to make it happen.

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