How Can Agents Help Guide Clients Through The Home Inspection Process?

After the thousands and thousands of home inspections which have been performed by our professional inspectors in the Dallas and Fort Worth area over the years, we have identified some ways real estate agents can help with a smooth home inspection, which equals happy buyers and sellers and a great outcome.

More Options

Each home inspection client has varying needs, which is why we offer many different types of home inspections, including inspections for new builds, commercial inspections, and termite inspections, just to name a few.

Less Wait

Today’s consumers are increasingly able to receive all types of products and services immediately.  Years ago it was normal to wait five or more days to receive a home inspection.   Because we employ a whole team of professional home inspectors, this allows us to provide multiple home inspection appointments each day.

Honesty. Integrity.

While a being able to schedule a home inspection quickly is great, consumers also want to know that they are working with highly trained professionals who have a good, solid reputation in the community.


Home inspections need to be convenient to the customer to provide the best possible experience.  We help streamline the process and make it quicker by offering online home inspection scheduling combined with live phone scheduling six days a week, flexibility to pay during scheduling or at the inspection, and by emailing inspections reports on the same day.


When buyers are present at the home inspection, our professional inspector will provide verbal reports as part of the inspection process.  In addition, we will email a comprehensive report the same day which will include checklists, narrative, photographs, and a summary of recommendations to provide your client peace of mind.

Optimistic Assessment

In addition to a basic home inspection report, we provide an objective and optimistic comprehensive inspection assessment on the condition of the home.  The information is communicated in a way to not cause alarm and outline information so that the client can make educated decisions, making them more confident in their final purchase decision.

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