Safety Tips for Your Home Gym

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home gym safety

The pandemic has encouraged more homeowners to purchase some type of exercise equipment and form their own home gym. Sale of treadmills increased 135%; stationary bikes tripled, and combined equipment/service hybrid models like Peleton increased 232%, according to the Washington Post. As we look at moving into Fall and winter, cold-weather gear sales are increasing […]

Energy Efficiency

How Long Should My Appliances Last?

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appliance inspection

One of the frequent questions we receive from prospective new homeowners is how long they can expect the appliances that are remaining in the home they are purchasing are expected to last. Consumer Reports did a survey of their members, and most consumers expect that a major appliance should last about 10 years, which is […]

Floor Inspection

Inspecting Your Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

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ceramic tile inspection

A home inspection includes inspecting flooring for flaws or defects – such as ceramic tile. Ceramic and porcelain tile is still one of the most popular materials for flooring and walls, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. It is fairly low maintenance, is easy to clean, and resists damage. However, they are vulnerable to defects. A […]


Buyer’s Home Inspection Checklist

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buyer inspection checklist

Two of our most common questions answered are from buyers about what their role should be before, during and after a home inspection, and what the home inspection covers. Buyer’s Tasks for a Home Inspection Before Your Home Inspection Search for reputable and professional home inspector. You can ask your real estate agent or friends/family. […]