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I just wanted to drop a line and tell you the great experience I had with Brian from Semper Fi Home Inspections.  He was a true knowledgeable professional who enlightened me on some of the issues with the property.  Unfortunately, I decided against the property because of these issues, but the money spent certainly will save me $ down the road.

Harry Mack

I am writing this letter to thank and commend your company for an amazingly professional and detailed inspection which was conducted on a property which my fiancé and I were considering for purchase.

The home seemed perfect for our family of 4. She has a 14 year old son, and I a 9 year old son.

Both are very inquisitive and have passions for experiments and discoveries. While this is a positive characteristic which has resulted in placement in Gifted and Talented in their respective schools, it also can be a worry and ongoing risk due to energy sources they often find interest in.

The Inspector uncovered so many details which could easily result in electrical shock and fire, toxicity, bacterial exposure from plumbing, a leaking roof, the presence of rodent droppings., structural damage, and many other Hazards which warrant immediate repair in order to prevent further damage/decay, and more importantly physical, and health, environmental hazards.

I am 55 years old and raised 6 daughters before having my son. I have contracted several Inspectors through the years. They all were lacking in their skill, attention to detail, and/or integrity when I compare them to the work done by your Inspector.

One Inspector whom I hired overlooked a serious foundation problem which required over $20,000 in foundation repair after our first month of moving in. As you know, a damaged foundation usually causes damages to so many other components of a home. So the total amount spent in repairs was almost the same as what we had paid for the home.  Fortunately we had Nationwide Ins., who paid for complete renovation (Cable Lock, Flooring-Tile/Carpet, Drywall, Painting, Wainscoting, Trim, and some Plumbing which was also damaged, etc.). The Adjustor told us that it was the end of the year and there had been no significant storm that year which necessitated pay-outs. It turned out that the Inspector was a good friend of the seller, (who ran a masonry supply company), and he had just covered everything with thick applications of masonry, texture, paint, tile, and carpet.

My fiancé was a little upset because the realtor and loan company agent told her that the deficiencies found in the home you inspected were no big deal and all homes over 10 years old were similar. The seller, (an investment firm) refused to cover any of the deficiencies.

Fortunately I had documentation to show her from the account I listed above. (Many Insurance companies/policies do not cover foundation problems).

She now is as grateful as I for your expert work, and for your Inspector looking out for our best interest. We are still looking for a home, and you will be our only choice for home inspection.

Forever grateful,
Kelly W Weaver

Kelly Weaver

I was very impressed with the organization and expertise exhibited by Semper Fi Home Inspections.  They worked expediently, covering all parts of my house, and gave me a thorough overview.  I would HIGHLY recommend them for your home inspection needs!

Garrett Walsh

We have used Semper Fi Home Inspections many years.  Their attention to detail is excellent.  You get an awesome report and a summary page that makes it so easy to go over with your clients.  Scheduling with them is so easy and can be done through their phone app so we can keep selling real estate.  Our clients have been very happy with their results. We recommend Semper Fi Home Inspections.

Trish & Mickey Bellows, CENTURY 21 Judge Fite

We contacted Semper Fi Home Inspections at the last minute to perform an inspection 2 days before closing on our new house.  Danny responded immediately and was out the next day to perform a thorough evaluation. He was professional and courteous and took his time, even though it was late in the evening when he finished. He even had our final report to us within 6 hours of leaving the house!  We would highly recommend using Danny and Semper Fi Home Inspections.

Randy and Lindsay, Dallas, TX

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