Plan Now to Protect Your Home from Spring Storms

One of the main functions of the exterior of your house – roof, walls, windows – is to protect the inside of your house from Mother Nature.

Spring always brings rain showers and storms, so taking steps now to make sure that your home is ready and to protect your home from water damage can save you headaches – and costly repairs – later.

Check Your Roof

Since most roofs are built to last 20 to 30 years, that may not always be the case. Damage to shingles, for example, could allow water leaks to start seeping into your home.

Check your roof before Spring. If you schedule an annual maintenance home inspection, that basic roof check is part of our service.

Check Your Gutters

Leaves and other debris can block your gutters and prevent rainwater from moving off your roof. Water that backs up in your gutters and on your roof can cause many problems – and often this water damage occurs inside the walls where you may not see it for years.

There are many easy ways to clean your gutters, and well worth the minor investment of your time.

Maintain Exterior Finish

The finish on the exterior of your home – paint, siding – is another barrier in the fight to protect your home. If you begin seeing signs of water damage inside your home, such as mold or mildew on your wall – it could be caused by holes in your paint or siding.

Most common types of exterior siding – stucco, aluminum siding, wood siding, and cedar shingles – need to be painted to maintain the proper level of protection. Check your exterior now so that you have time to plan for painting if needed.

Check Windows and Doors

Water can seep into your house through windows and doors that are not properly sealed.

Weatherstripping, caulk, and even paint help maintain the barrier against water. These are also all very easy to maintain yourself. Take the opportunity to check your seals before storm season begins.

This is just the start of ways you can help protect your home by checking and maintaining the exterior.

We also recommend an annual maintenance inspection to help catch minor issues before they turn into major issues.

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