Why You Should Have a Construction Phase Inspection Done Before Move-In

new construction home inspection

Construction Phase inspections are an important step in the construction process. They can help you make sure that your home is built to code, and not only will they save you money but also time for future repairs if something goes wrong. If something does go wrong, it’s much easier to fix them before the house is finished rather than after.

1. What is a construction phase inspection

A construction phase inspection is made to determine the condition of a home during construction. Inspectors will make sure that all issues with the home such as plumbing, carpentry, and electrical wiring are up to code before the house is delivered.

2. Why they are important

During construction, the home buyer may not be able to inspect all aspects of their new home. Typical deficiencies found during a Phase inspection are issues affecting the energy efficiency of the building, potential water intrusion problems, missing fire blocking techniques within wall assemblies and attic spaces, lack of adequate ventilation for indoor air quality.

A Phase inspection will disclose what work needs to be completed. The phase inspector can also give you an idea of how long it would take to complete needed repairs or upgrades. It is important to remember that a Phase inspection should not be construed as a change order or as an allowance for the installation of additional items not included in the contract. It is simply a review by a qualified independent party who can tell you if work has been completed correctly and to code.

3. How they can help you

Construction phase inspections can help you find potential structural problems or other issues that might arise. There can be a need for repairs because builders may build things in ways that are not approved by the local building code. Construction phase inspections can also give you peace of mind that your home will be structurally sound and compliant with all current building codes.

4. Who should do them

Homebuyers should always have construction phase inspections done to ensure that the home they are purchasing is up to code. The inspections should be done by a professional inspector, who will be able to identify any potential problems with the home.

Many home buyers think that the builder’s warranty will cover any defects in the new construction, but many builders’ warranties do not fully cover certain problems. If you want to avoid problems with your new construction, then plan on having your home inspected during each phase so that any issues can be addressed before the construction is completed.

5. How many inspections are required

It is generally recommended that there be at least two inspections done prior to closing.

The first one should be scheduled at the beginning of construction, and a second one performed before the house is completed because sometimes there are problems that occur during the construction phase.

5. When to do them

Construction phase inspections happen before a buyer moves into a new build home. Since the home is still under construction, problems can be identified and fixed before permanent damage occurs. They are often less expensive and more thorough than a home inspection since it is very easy for your inspector to see most of the systems that are put in place before sheetrock or other wall finishes obscure electrical and plumbing from view.

6. Who should do them

Construction phase inspections are performed by your independent licensed home inspector – such as us here at Semper Fi Home Inspections. These inspections are done at the home buyer’s expense, so it is important to use an inspector that you trust.

7. What needs to be inspected

During construction phase inspections, your inspector will focus on the framing, wiring and plumbing of the home. They will inspect for adequate heating insulation, electrical boxes wired correctly with outlets placed safely, plumbing fixtures correctly placed and connected, water lines not leaking.

Each of these items are important to the safety of occupants living in the home for years to come.

8. Other considerations when hiring an inspector for your new home building project

When hiring an inspector for your new home construction project, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, make sure that they are licensed and insured. We are insured and licensed.

Second, ask if they have any experience with new home construction inspections, like we do here at Semper Fi Home Inspections.

Third, be sure to get a list of items that will be inspected so you can be sure that the inspector is covering everything important to you.

9. What happens when a problem is found

When a problem is found in a new home, many states require that you be told in writing about the defect so any possible legal action can be taken. This is why we provide an informative and thorough home inspection report, including photographs, videos, and a full summary of issues.

The inspector will also provide the written report to your builder. A good builder will be happy to fix the problem, so you should have no problems after that.

It is important to have a construction phase inspection done for your new home before you move in. When buying a new home, it’s just as critical that the buyer should not neglect this step and instead request an inspection be conducted on their behalf by one of our certified inspectors.

There are many reasons why having a thorough assessment completed can help ensure there will be no unpleasant surprises after moving into the property:

  • Eliminates any concerns about structural integrity and design flaws;
  • Provides accurate information about what needs to be corrected or replaced;
  • Prevents future issues from happening because necessary repairs were made during construction;
  • Allows buyers to make informed decisions based on realistic expectations for their new living space.

It’s never too late to order inspections for a new home. In fact, our inspectors can inspect your home as many times as you’d like, even after you move in. Our inspections are very thorough and we provide all of the information on what’s right and wrong with your potential new home so that you can fully understand risks as well as benefits.

Our high quality service is also very personalized to your specific needs and will meet any criteria you require.

We offer comprehensive inspection reports as well as optional home warranties. Your personal inspector is also readily available to provide you with additional information about the building’s systems and appliances, including how they function and whether there are any issues that need to be addressed before purchase.

There is no better way to ensure your new home purchase is the right decision.

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