Why New Construction May Mean New Problems

new home construction inspection

Having a new construction or phase inspections is important when building a new home.  Just because a home is newly built does not mean it is complete free from potential problems.

Some buyers of new construction think since the city is performing inspections, such as on electrical and plumbing, that they do not need to call in a licensed home inspector.  Remember that the city is only looking for code violations, and as such will not be providing you with a report of the entire house as a whole.

If a house is a brand new build, it’s unlikely to have any visible foundation or framing defects, or defective or worn-out appliances. But that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong – and often, homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover these issues. As a general rule, faulty construction is excluded from homeowners policies.

New homes can have issues, such as sawdust and drywall dust in the ducts or plumbing and electrical connects that have been left unattached.

Many new homes are still settling on their foundations, which can mean windows and cabinets could need to be adjusted or tracks realigned.

Some of the more common problems have to do with potential water leaks.  If you think about all of the places water can potentially enter your home, a misplaced nail, a small gap in some weatherproofing or caulking, and water can find it’s way in.

Another common problem is wood that hasn’t been fully acclimated to the environment before installation, which can create gaps.  This issue is most readily visible in wood flooring.  Because these type of issues are harder to determine may be potential problems after a new build is completed, it is important to have phase inspections along the way.

Issues can also arise with appliances.  Just because an appliance is unused does not mean it is “new” … an appliance can sit in a box in a contractor or builder’s yard for years.  A really good home inspector will take the serial numbers off the major appliances – even in a new home – and ensure they haven’t been recalled by the manufacturer.

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