Home Inspection Report Sample – Now Including Videos

We offer one of the most thorough and comprehensive home inspection reports possible designed to help home buyers make an informed decision about their potential purchase.

In addition to emailing the home inspection report the same day, it is filled with photos, and now – videos.

We use specialized software that allows us to generate all of the necessary components of your report – narratives, photos, videos, and marking the condition of different systems within the house – on the spot, so that there is never a delay in report completion or a need to go back and refer to hand-written notes.  This allows us to provide very comprehensive home inspection reports encompassing a lot of valuable information.

Here is an example of the type of home inspection report provided:

Our home inspection reports provide a full summary and notes about specific systems as needed, and where appropriate these notes will contain a color-coded marking system tied to the notes which provides a quick visual reference of these categories:

Red = Safety – Condition that should be corrected as soon as possible by a qualified professional.
Yellow = Repair – Item or condition that is recommended to be repaired by a qualified professional.
Blue = Improve – Upgrade recommended, but may not be required immediately.
Green = Monitor – Item that should be monitored for potential future maintenance or repair.

Our home inspection reports also contain photos, which may have sections highlighted with an arrow as shown in the home inspection report above, and we now also include videos where appropriate.

As an example, in the home inspection report shown above, one of the additional areas we inspected was the pool spa and its blower.  Page 58 of this home inspection report includes a video that plays with just one click when you’re viewing the report.

Here is the example of the types of videos included in the report:

Adding the ability to include videos in your home inspection report is one of the many ways we are constantly improving our service to make sure that prospective home buyers receive a thorough and informative home inspection report.

If you are in need of a home inspection and would like to receive a thorough and informative home inspection report, or know someone who is, book your inspection by calling 682-351-2267 or  schedule your home inspection online.

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