Why Get a Home Inspection If You’re Buying “As Is”?

It’s fairly common for a home seller to undertake repairs on their property, either before listing it, or if some issues are found during a home inspection.

Then there are some homes for sale that are listed “as is”. This is when the seller perhaps doesn’t have the time or the money to invest in fixing the property or taking on liability for possible defects. These homes are usually listed at a favorable price with the understanding that the buyer will be undertaking repairs.

Even if the property is listed “as is” you should still hire a professional home inspector.

The main reason is that the seller and the buyer may have two very different versions of what “as is” means. Some items in need of repair will be obvious to you on a walk-through, but you may miss some other items that need a fix. It’s even more important to understand exactly what potential issues are involved when you know you are looking at contracting on a property with some known defects.

Professional home inspectors have been trained to find things that most buyers won’t notice and check all of the major systems of the house – structural items from the roof, to the walls and windows, to the foundation, and the mechanical systems such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.

You are then presented with a detailed and thorough home inspection report which will outline any potential defects so that you can better determine what repairs you will actually need to undertake, can develop a game plan and budget for needed repairs, and put you in a more informed position for your negotiations.

The cost of a professional home inspection is a very small investment when compared to the price of a home, and is a great way to provide peace of mind during the process of buying a house “as is”.

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