Who Is Responsible for the Cost of a Home Inspection?

Most first-time homebuyers don’t realize that they are responsible for the home inspection for their prospective new property. While there are times that the seller will have a home inspection done so that they are aware of repairs they need to make before listing the property, it’s still a good idea in those cases for the buyer to obtain their own separate home inspection. The buyer’s home inspection must be done within a reasonable timeframe, which is most often outlined in the sales contract.

It’s important to consider this contracted timeframe. You need to leave yourself ample time to choose your home inspector, make the appointment for the inspection, then receive and review the home inspection report. In most cases, there is a set “option period” on a contract, and it is during this time that the inspection will be completed, so that the homebuyer receives the inspection report in time to review it and exercise their option to cancel the contract during this period, if needed, or request the home seller make a few needed repairs on issues that were noted in the report before the contract is closed.

It can be tempting during a hot seller’s market to skip the home inspection as one of the ways to make your offer on a property more enticing, since that will usually remove contingencies and shorten the timeframe for the sale. However, keep in mind this could mean that you’re not aware of potential repairs that you will need to make on the home and could be confronted with paying for these unexpected repairs out of pocket as soon as you move into the home and realize something is not functioning.

One of the benefits of a home inspection performed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by us here at Semper Fi Home Inspections is that we provide you with a same-day home inspection report, that includes full color photos and videos plus thorough notes throughout. The quick report turnaround helps you with your timeline of gathering information during your option period.

While homebuyers may balk at yet another cost on top of the large price tag of the home itself, keep in mind that the home inspector is working on your behalf. A thorough home inspection report from Semper Fi will provide you with helpful assessments of all of the systems that make up your new home, and help you be prepared for future possible expenses and a general timeframe of when you may need to budget for those since many things in a home, such as appliances, do have an expected life and will need eventual replacement.

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