Difference Between a Walk-Through and a Home Inspection

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You’ll hear both of these terms during a home buying process, but they are not the same and occur at different points of the home buying process.


A walk-through is the final step before executing the contract where the new owners have the chance to walk through the property one last time and make sure that everything is in the condition they expect (and that was outlined in the contract).

The contract will outline what items remain with the house, such as kitchen appliances or even window treatments or specific lighting fixtures. It’s not uncommon for buyers to specifically request individual items in the contract to make sure that both parties are on the same page as to exactly what they are receiving.

It’s also the chance to make sure that any requested repairs have been completed, that the property is clean, and everything that should have been removed has been, so that you aren’t surprised with removing the prior owner’s grandmother’s piano before you’re able to move in your furnishings.

Things you should look for during your walk-through include any missing appliances, non-functioning appliances, holes in walls or floors, and checking safety equipment is present and functioning, such as smoke detectors.

Since it’s a last-minute check, a walk-through is typically done the same day as closing. The exception to this would be a new condominium building, where the prospective buyer may have only seen a model unit. In those cases, a walk-through is often done a couple of weeks before closing so that the buyers have a chance to view their specific unit. During this new build walk-through, the buyer will create a punch list of items that need to be corrected or completed.

Home Inspection

Home inspections are performed by certified home inspectors who are licensed by the state and educated in the local building codes. We check all of the systems of the home, such as structural (roofs, walls, floors), systems such as plumbing and HVAC, functioning appliances, and other areas of the home and provide thorough written reports with information about the current status of these systems.

A home inspection is not looking for minor flaws, but reviewing the important functionality and safety of a home.

The home inspection report will help the buyer determine if any negotiation for repairs need to take place before moving forward with the property purchase. Our thorough reports can also help with future budgeting for the new homeowner, since we provide information as to the expected lifespan of these systems.

A home inspection is usually performed at the very beginning of the contract period, most often during an “option period”. This allows the home buyer to cancel the contract if they decide that the home needs more repairs in the near future than they were expecting or will be able to undertake, or negotiate for these repairs to be completed by the home seller as part of the contract negotiations.

Which Do You Need?

In most cases, you will want and need both a home inspection and a walk-through. Some buyers choose to skip the walk-through, or have their real estate agent handle it for them, although most home buyers are excited about their new purchase and eager to see it again ready for their upcoming move in.

A walk-through is an easy step to add by simply visiting the property with your agent. And we make the home inspection an easy step by add by providing simple ways for you to book your home inspection appointment in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding communities.

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