In this episode of In the Field with Semper Fi Home Inspections, Danny discusses electrical panels and some of the things checked during a home inspection.

This home has two panels located in the garage.  The first panel has a main breaker at the top, and several smaller ones at the bottom.  Immediately we see one of the smaller breakers is missing, and that open spot should have a cover over it to prevent shock.

Main leads coming in to the main breaker which turns off all power to the breakers below it.  Also a neutral and ground wire on the side, connected together with black bonding strap to make sure they’re connected properly.  We also check all of the breakers and the wiring to make sure it’s all the right size for the breaker, as well as looking for any overheated or damaged wiring.

At the bottom is some leftover wiring that is not properly terminated. It should have a cover over it to prevent it from being inadvertently energized.  These are just some of the items we check during a home inspection review of the electrical panels, and we note any deficiencies in our report.

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  • tim Posted April 30, 2018 8:47 am

    Very informative video danny. Keep up the good work,

    Semper Fidelis!

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