[VIDEO] In the Field with Semper Fi Home Inspections – GFCI Outlets


In this episode of In the Field with Semper Fi Home Inspections, Danny discusses ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, where they are supposed to be installed, and how they are tested.

GFCI outlets will protect you from shock, for example if you are using a mixer near the kitchen sink, and the mixer falls into the sink, the GFCI outlet will cut off the electricity and protect you from shock.

GFCI outlets are supposed to be installed in all wet areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and all exterior outlets.

You can tell the GFCI outlets by seeing the test buttons.  During a home inspection, we use our GFCI tester on one of these GFCI outlets, and as you will see, it shuts off power to all of the connected outlets.  This means the outlets are protected by the GFCI.

The state of Texas requires home inspectors to identify any missing GFCI outlets in the required locations, and it is common for many older homes to not have them in the required areas.  We let our clients know where these outlets are missing, and it’s an easy upgrade by contacting a licensed electrician.

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