[VIDEO] In the Field with Semper Fi Home Inspections – Hot Water Heaters

In this episode of In the Field with Semper Fi Home Inspections, Danny discusses hot water heater inspection.

When an electric water heater is located in a garage, they are supposed to be elevated about 18″ above the floor because gas fumes tend to hover on the floor and you want the heater up so that the fumes are kept away from any potential source of ignition.

We check the temperature pressure release safety valve, we gently lift them up and make sure they open and close properly for safety purposes.  We also check the water supply lines and make sure there is no corrosion or damage to the lines.  Typically these lines will age and corrode and you can get leaks. We check for safety pans, although the water heater in the video was built and installed before the time when they were required, although we still recommend that one be installed.

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