This Kitchen Tile Was a Red Flag

As part of our Halloween series of scary things we have seen during home inspections, we bring you this video from a recent home inspection.

When we saw this loose tile during the home inspection, we knew there were issues with the tile installation.

When you walk on the other tiles, you can tell that they’re loose, and you can see the grout falling apart in pieces.

These type of loose tiles can be a tripping hazard, which could cause injuries.

You definitely want to make sure your tile contractor is an experienced professional.  Sometimes doing it yourself, or hiring the least expensive contractor for the job, isn’t always the best decision.

If you saw an issue and knew that the same contractor also did other projects around the house, you would want to make sure those other jobs were up to par.

Seeing an issue like this doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t or shouldn’t purchase the property.  Talk to your real estate agent who may give you some suggestions on options such as asking for repairs before the purchase, or renegotiating your offer a bit.  Check our recommendations on when you should avoid asking sellers to make the repairs.

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