Home Inspection Found an Unexpected Visitor Had Moved In

As part of our Halloween series of scary things we have seen during home inspections, we bring you this video from a recent home inspection.

Have you heard noises coming from your attic?  Likely this home owner did as well.

During this recent home inspection in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we found an unexpected visitor had moved into the home.

When inspecting the chimney during a home inspection, we noticed tree limbs that were close to the roof, which can invite unexpected visitors.

There was also a bit of damage on the front of the trim boards of the house where squirrels were trying to get into attic.  Trimming the limbs away from the roof can help keep these cute critters off your roof, which will also help keep them out of your attic.

A repair like this isn’t usually a big issue – in this case it’s trimming the trees plus plugging the hole and making sure that there are no squirrels lingering in the attic – or a nest.  It is, however, an issue that is recommended to take care of quickly, as any type of critters that get into your house can cause extensive damage inside, especially if they were to chew on electrical wires.

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