You Don’t (Shouldn’t!) See This at a Home Inspection

dueling toilets during a home inspection

As part of our Halloween series, we’re bringing you some real-life scary home inspections!

Having performed thousands and thousands of home inspections in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex over the years, we have seen some scary things. And every time we think we’ve seen everything possible in the home inspection world, we see something new.

Take, for example, this restroom on a recent home inspection:dueling toilets during a home inspection

While many homes may be listed as a 2-Bath, we couldn’t decide how the seller would list this particular property.  Technically it has one bathroom, yet two toilets.

We were also scratching our heads a bit when we performed the home inspection as to the original reasoning or use for putting two toilets in the same restroom.  Perhaps it was a case of dueling toilets?

While this may not necessarily be against local building codes, it is definitely something we note in our home inspection report, and is something that could possibly make a home harder to sell if the potential buyers are turned away by the prospect of having to remodel this existing bathroom to either put a divide between the two toilets (much like in a public restroom) if there is enough room, or completely remodel the restroom to remove the extra toilet and rearrange some of the other features.

What are your thoughts?  Have you ever bought a home that had two toilets in one restroom?

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