Does a Home “Pass” or “Fail” a Home Inspection?

A question we often receive is whether a house will pass or fail an inspection.

A home inspection report is more like a snapshot of the functioning of a home, rather than a pass or fail grade.

Unlike a vehicle inspection – where a car can pass or fail – houses don’t pass or fail home inspections, because everything depends upon the buyer and what they can and will be willing to accept.

And no house is perfect. Even a brand new construction could have items that we call your attention to in a home inspection report. While some buyers will be ready to undertake extensive repairs on a property, other buyers would not be interested. We can’t tell you if the house is right; what matters is if the house is perfect for YOU.

You will be able to review the status of all of the different systems in the home, and determine – in conjunction with your real estate agent as appropriate – if you can work with any issues found, if you need to go back and renegotiate with the sellers, or if you believe fixing the issues would be too much for you.

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