Is a Home Inspection also a Code Compliance Inspection

No, a home inspection is not the same as a code compliance inspection.

Every city has its individual building codes that outline specifically how a home should be designed and built to the city’s minimum standards. Those minimum standards can vary from city to city.

Building codes protect the public health, safety and welfare as related to construction and occupancy of buildings. They are generally applied by architects, engineers, construction contractors, and even interior designers. Building codes also apply to homeowners in cases of renovation, additions, and other instances.

Home inspectors have guidance from national associations – such as InterNACHI which is where Semper Fi Home Inspections is a member – as to what should be inspected. Home inspections do not include code compliance, but highly qualified home inspectors maintain education on the changing requirements in the cities where they perform inspections, to use as a basis for additional general knowledge for their home inspections and reports.

Residential home lending most often does not require code inspections. If and when these are required (which may be needed in the case of remodeling, additions, or other times), it is the city code enforcement division which handles these types of inspections. If you are unsure of what is required related to your local city code requirements, you can contact your local city code office.

Even in the case of a brand new home build, you will have inspections by city code officers, and it is recommended to also have a new home inspection by a licensed home inspector.

Home inspectors do not enforce local building codes. The role of home inspectors is to educate the homeowner or home buyer, which we do through provide thorough and informative home inspection reports.

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