Why is a Home Inspection Important?

It seems like as soon as your offer on a house is accepted, so begins a nearly endless cycle of writing checks. There are many necessary costs which may have you looking for savings elsewhere, and you may be tempted to skip the home inspection fee … but there are many good reasons why you need one.

Home Inspections Provide Safety

Home inspections can detect safety issues such as carbon monoxide mold, radon – all things which homes can be tested for.

Home Inspections Provide Negotiation Points

A solid home inspection can reveal critical information about the condition of the home to help the buyer be knowledgeable about what repairs and maintenance may be required over time, which leads to peace of mind. If major repairs are needed, it provides the buyer with a means of negotiating for their repair. In extreme circumstances where there are so many major repairs that the buyer is no longer comfortable with the property, it can also provide one last opportunity to back out of the offer.

Home Inspections Can Uncover Items Not Up to Code

A home inspection could reveal if some additions or alterations were completed without a proper permit or did not follow code. These items impact more than just the physical property but also insurance, taxes, usability and overall value. Plus there may be additional cost if you are required to bring any item up to code.

Home Inspections are Critical for Foreclosed Homes

Sometimes foreclosed properties have been sitting for quite a while boarded up. This can cause the home to develop hazardous mold problems which can be costly to remedy.

There are also times with foreclosed or short sale properties that things like copper plumbing lines have been removed, either by the previous owners or stolen by thieves hoping to sell the copper for money.
Having a home inspection that looks for these issues is important.

Home Inspections Help With Future Budgeting

Everything used in the construction or remodeling of a home has a “shelf life” – including major systems such as plumbing, heating and cooling, and water heaters. Home inspections can help you understand how long these systems have been in the home, which will also help you determine when they may need replaced in the future, and help you decide if you need a home warranty such as the extended 14-month home warranty available to Semper Fi Home Inspection clients.

Home Inspection May be Required for Mortgage or Insurance

In some cases, a home inspection may be required by your mortgage or home insurance company, or specific additional inspections may be needed to cover additional items, in which case your home inspector can take care of them all at once.

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