Water Well System Inspections

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Yes, we inspect that too!

A private water well system on the property you are buying should be inspected prior to your closing.  There are many issues that can face the homeowner or potential home buyers concerning water wells.

Many rural properties will have a water well system.  As a homeowner or potential buyer you should consider the health issues involved with all ground water systems.  

The inspection of your water well system will include the equipment and water pressure.  You can request just the well mechanical inspection or, as an added service and additional recommended precaution, you can request that we take a sample of the well water and send it to the lab for a coliform bacteria test for safety.  During this test, we will deliver the water sample to the county laboratory for official testing, and results will be emailed to you usually within a day or two after the inspection.   If the presence of bacteria is found during the test, the lab will include instructions as to how to remedy the situation along with your test results. 

A professional inspection of the well is recommended along with a well water bacteria test to ensure your family’s safety.

Your water well inspection doesn’t have to be limited to the time of buying your property. Routine inspection of a water well system can help ensure it is operating properly, prolong its useful life, and protect your investment. Most importantly, inspections can protect your health by discovering issues that could result in water quality problems presenting a health risk.

Over time, issues can build up that can reduce the effectiveness of your well, such as mineral deposits building up, pump damage, or introduction of bacteria or microorganisms into the water. With an annual water well inspection, you can uncover some of these issues early and take care of the problem, likely preventing expensive repairs later.

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