Can a Home Inspection be Done in the Rain?

This is a very common question we receive – especially in Spring here in the Dallas Fort Worth area: Can a home inspection be done in the rain?

And the answer is: Yes!

Actually, it’s often beneficial for us to perform a home inspection in the rain, because we can see firsthand things like roof leaks (especially new leaks), clogged rain gutters, flooding yards, and other issues that may not be as readily apparent during a very dry spell. Bad flashing, small cracks in foundation and other items are often more apparent during rain as well.

There are times when Mother Nature takes control that may prevent us from completing your home inspection at that time. We will likely not perform a home inspection during a tornado (unless the tornado happens upon us while we are in the middle of the inspection, at which point we will happily inspect your storm shelter if you have one!), and obviously if there is active lightning we would not climb on your roof. Some regular rain storms that aren’t as severe may prevent us from going up on your roof – this can depend upon what type of roofing material, the slope of the roof, and how hard it is raining.

For the most part, we can perform your home inspection in the rain, and if there are specific items that cannot be completed for some reason, we note that in the report; and if those are items that we plan to schedule to return to inspect, we note that as well.

So do not let the wet Spring weather stop you! Schedule your home inspection today.

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