Specialized Home Inspections in Dallas / Fort Worth

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No single home inspection is going to cover everything in your new home.  There are a certain set of requirements to what a basic home inspection checks, and some types of inspections may require a specialist.

Some items that usually are not included in a routine home inspection, and may require a specialized inspection, include:

  • Inside the walls
  • Roof or chimney repairs
  • Septic tanks
  • Wells, sheds, or additional structures that are separate from the main house

While these items may not be included in a routine home inspection, Semper Fi Home Inspections has been fully trained to provide home buyers in the Dallas Fort Worth area with a whole list of specialized inspections.  In addition to the usual home buyer or home seller inspections, the professionals at Semper Fi Home Inspections can provide:

  • New Home Inspections (Construction/Phase) – There are three opportunities available during the building cycle that are recommended to have your third-party inspector evaluate and report on the workmanship and construction of your new home. The standard 3 phase inspection process is utilized to ensure that major construction defects within your home are not covered up.
  • Pre-Warranty expiration inspections – The Builder’s warranty usually lasts 1 to 2 years. Getting a thorough Semper Fi Home inspection before the warranty expires will reveal any defects before the cost is yours. If you find defects before the warranty expires, the builder may be responsible.  Many homeowners like to get this professional home inspection done around the 11th month after buying their home before their 1 year builder’s warranty expires for Peace of Mind.
  • Repair Verification Inspections (Re-inspection) – This inspection is used to validate any requested repairs by you, the buyer, have been done properly by the seller prior to closing on the home.  Occasionally home buyers will request we come back out to Re-inspect and verify these repairs after they received our complete home inspection report and have requested some repairs be done to the home.  This inspection usually is scheduled for one hour and has a nominal fee, please call us for details and a quote.
  • Annual Maintenance Inspection – The annual maintenance inspection is for homeowners to do a thorough maintenance checkup inspection of their home or a rental home.  Landlords can use this inspection report to determine if any of the home’s systems need attention or repair to maintain their investment home’s value.

Plus these types of specialized home inspections:

  • Pool and Spa Inspections – If your new home has a swimming pool or spa, have it professionally inspected by adding this critical inspection to your order.  We can inspect swimming pools and spas for physical and mechanical operation and safety.  We will inspect the pool surface, skimmers, decking, and coping as well as the equipment (pumps, filters, heaters, blowers, etc.) for operation and any above ground plumbing leaks.  The pool lights and GFCI safety outlets will be tested as well as check for other safety features like gates and fences.
  • Well Inspections – A private water well system on your property should be inspected prior to your closing.  There are many issues that can face the homeowner or potential home buyers concerning water wells.
  • Septic Inspections – Because of the potential repair/replacement costs involved, and because the system is buried and cannot be exhaustively inspected and tested, you want to do what you can to evaluate the condition of the septic system before you complete the purchase of the property.
  • Irrigation Inspections – Many homes have landscape irrigation sprinkler systems to irrigate and water the lawn.  The irrigation system controller will be inspected and each sprinkler zone will be operated.  Any broken sprinkler heads and leaks found will be noted.  The backflow valve will be visually inspected for damage.  The findings of the inspection with photos of each zone during operation will be included in your home inspection report.
  • Outbuildings and Barns – Since we are your “One Stop Inspection Solution,” we can inspect almost any type of outbuilding, barn, detached garage, storage shed, workshop, and apartment or mother-in-law suite building, etc. that is on the property you are purchasing.  

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