Specialized Home Inspections And What They Check

No single home inspection is going to cover everything in your new home.  There are a certain set of requirements to what a basic home inspection checks, and some types of inspections may require a specialist.

Some items that usually are not included in a routine home inspection, and may require a specialized inspection, include:

  • Inside the walls
  • Roof or chimney repairs
  • Septic tanks
  • Wells, sheds, or additional structures that are separate from the main house.

While these items may not be included in a routine home inspection, Semper Fi Home Inspections has been fully trained to provide you with a whole list of specialized inspections.  In addition to the usual home buyer or home seller inspections, the professionals at Semper Fi Home Inspections can provide:

Plus these types of specialized home inspections:

Our highly trained and professional inspectors are available to meet your home inspection needs.  

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