Holiday Home Prep – Week 1: Clean & Declutter

Holidays usually mean more food, more guests, and more decor. Here’s a few steps to prepare.

Inventory Your Decorations

Pull out your boxes of decorations and do a quick inventory to see what items you need to recycle or dispose, and what items you need to replace. With the number of decorations that most people put up in the timeframe between Halloween and New Year’s Day, decluttering your decor is a good place to start.

Clean the Fridge & Oven

You’ll be needing a lot of room in your refrigerator for all of the cooking you’ll likely be doing, so decluttering the fridge and then giving a good, deep clean to your refrigerator and oven will help set you up for an easy time in the kitchen.

Clean the Guest Room

Even when pandemics have us needing to socially distance, it’s possible you will have holiday guests. Do a thorough clean of your guest room so that your guests have a comfortable area to rest. If you don’t have a guest room, you will still want to give any guest sleeping areas and bedding a good clean and declutter so that you will be prepared. Also be sure to stock up and have on hand some extra “PPE” – such as cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer plus some extra face masks available to help your guests feel comfortable.

Declutter Areas Being Decorated

Both inside and outside your house, any areas that are going to have holiday decorations should be decluttered. This will let your decorations have the main focus and not end up hidden among any of the day-to-day things that tend to find a home around the house. Check both the inside and the outside to make sure that you have something of a blank canvas to begin your decorating.

Hire a Chimney Sweep

There may be nothing more cozy than a nice fire as the days get colder. Your fireplace likely hasn’t been used in a year, and it’s a good time to hire a chimney sweep to clean out any creosote or ash buildup, plus make sure there are no unexpected bird nests. Knowing it’s safe to start a fire this winter will help give you peace of mind.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

If you haven’t had your heater serviced yet this year, it’s a good time to schedule your HVAC maintenance, so that you can take care of any maintenance before the days get even colder.

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