Don’t Make These Spring Cleaning Mistakes

There are a few things you can avoid during your Spring cleaning to save time and money, and a few you should avoid.

Don’t Use Bleach

It can be tempting to break out the bottle of bleach to kill germs, but it’s actually a strong chemical and should be treated as such. It can corrode seals, eat through sealant on granite, and even cause a reaction on acrylic. While it’s true that it can kill germs on non-porous surfaces, it doesn’t work as well on porous surfaces and can actually cause mold and mildew.

Don’t Skip the Hard Jobs

It can be tempting to do the de-cluttering and freshening up things that are easily noticed, and put off the tough jobs like cleaning the oven of moving furniture to vacuum behind. Since a lot of people only do this depth of cleaning once or twice a month, if you’re not going to do it now you’ll likely never get to it.

Don’t Use the Wrong Tools

It’s easy to grab one type of cleaning product and carry it around to tackle every job, but you’ll actually have better luck using some supplies that are specially made for things you’re tackling. For example, a degreaser will do a quicker job cleaning those greasy surfaces than almost any other type of cleaner. There are also chemicals that can be too harsh on some surfaces, like we mentioned with bleach, and you’ll need an alternative.

Similarly, you don’t want to Spring clean your whole house with old, dirty tools – you may just be spreading germs around the house. Do a quick inventory and throw out any cleaners and tools that are expired or past their prime, and start out with new replacements for those items.

Don’t Expect Too Much

Our homes don’t get messy in a day, and they also won’t get Spring cleaned in a day – especially if you try to do it all on your own. Enlist the help of everyone else who lives in the house, since they’re the ones who benefit from a deep clean most. And split the cleaning schedule over multiple days or weekends so that you can take your time and tackle your projects fully.

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