What You Need to Know About Your Heater / Furnace

what to know about your heater/furnac

Most central heating systems need to be replaced after 15 to 20 years. There are steps you can take to keep them in the best shape, and indications of possible issues that you should be aware of.

Change your furnace filter regularly

During winter, you need to change your the filter on your heater every 1 to 2 months to help keep it running smoothly. Clogged filters can make your furnace have to work harder, and if it gets too clogged, it will make the heat exchanger shut off too quickly, so it won’t be able to heat your house.

At some point your furnace will no longer be able to properly remove dust, and it will start building up on components of the system, which can be a fire hazard.

Have regular furnace cleanings and inspections

The filter isn’t the only thing that needs cleaned. Keeping the interior parts of your heater clean help prevent corrosion and dust buildup. Regular maintenance and inspections can also help identify small problems while they can still be repaired.

Gas furnaces should also have the flame checked. The flame should be fairly even and blue, and if it’s yellow it may be an indication of a dirty furnace.

Some things aren’t normal

Your gas heater should not smell like rotten eggs. Your heater also shouldn’t smell metallic or like electrical overheating, and noises like clanking, humming and banging are also usually indications of larger problems.

We provide a basic inspection of your heating system during an annual maintenance inspection.

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