Should the Buyer and Seller Be Present at a Home Inspection?

One question we receive often is whether the buyer or seller should be at the home inspection.

It’s not required for either the buyer or seller to be present at a home inspection, and there are reasons why they should or should not be.

Most often, the seller will have their real estate agent be the one available for the inspection, primarily to open the property.  Having the seller present can actually be a detriment – potential buyers present may feel less likely to ask questions.  Most home inspectors have an easier time talking about the house with buyers if the seller is not present.

Buyers are not required to be present either, but will get more direct information about the home by being on hand during the home inspection.  A good home inspector will take the time to talk with the buyer about different aspects of the inspection in addition to the written inspection report provided.  When a buyer can’t be present – such as when they are relocating and live outside the area – the buyer’s real estate agent will often choose to be present for the home inspection on their behalf.

While it’s always a personal choice of the parties involved, this is what we recommend.  And a real estate agent always plays an important part in the process.



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