Sewer Camera Inspections Now Available

In our ongoing focus on brining the best and most advanced home inspection services to Dallas / Fort Worth, we have added sewer inspections using camera equipment to our services.

A general home inspection cannot determine the condition of the main sewer pipe. This is important because problems with the sewer line can cost from $500 to $25,000 and up to repair, not to mention the damage that a sewer backup can cause on the inside of your home.

Benefits of Inspecting your Sewer Lines with a Camera

Easily Locate Issues

The sewer camera is able to rotate in your sewer pipes, allowing a full 360-degree view of your sewer lines. This can help find potential drainage problems such as a clog, tree root, or broken line

Determine the Condition of your Pipes

An inspecting using a sewer camera helps determine the condition of your pipes. Very similar to how our inspection reports can share valuable information that helps you determine when systems inside your home may need replaced, the sewer inspection can help you know if corrosion is occurring or a collapsed pipe is imminent, allowing you to plan for needed future repairs.

No Digging Required

A home seller would not be happy if you were to come and dig a large hole in their yard to look for potential sewer pipe problems. Sewer camera inspections are not invasive – no digging the yard, no removing fixtures, no cutting into walls required.

How the Sewer Camera Inspection Works

Our home inspector will insert a camera into the clean out of the main sewer pipe to view the interior of the pipe.

Our sewer camera inspections uncover issues such as: tree root intrusions, sewer line failures, broken pipes, sags in pipeline, construction debris, and clogs of any kind.

Visible problems, including photos and video, will be noted in your sewer camera inspection report, which will be issued the same day as the sewer camera inspection.

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