Seller’s Home Inspection Checklist

seller home inspection checklist

Home inspections aren’t just for buyers. Home sellers can benefit greatly by having their property inspected before it’s listed.

One major benefit is not being blindsided by unexpected repairs that are requested after a buyer’s inspection. When you order a pre-listing inspection, it helps you be aware of the status of the major systems of your home – roof, plumbing, structure – to help you determine the right price and be prepared for any repair request negotiations. You’ll also be able to handle any repairs ahead of listing, if desired, which may allow you to list at a slightly higher price.

It’s also a great indicator of honesty in your listing by showing that you aren’t trying to hide anything and usually lets prospective buyers know that you’ve cared for the property.

Very similar to the home inspection that you would expect, a seller’s inspection will look at the major home systems:

  • Structures – roof, foundation, siding, windows, doors, garage
  • Systems – electrical, gas, heating, cooling
  • Appliances –  stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, garage door, and water heater

Here are some ways you can prepare for a pre-listing inspection. Most of these recommendations will also cover basic maintenance tasks that you will want to complete before listing your property, and will also make your pre-listing inspection smooth:

1. Do a basic systems check

  • Test windows, doors and locks to make sure they all function smoothly and weatherstripping is intact
  • Test all light switches
  • Turn on all fans – ceiling fans, exhaust fans
  • Flush all toilets and run all faucets to check drains
  • Make sure rain downspouts properly divert water
  • Test garage door remote and safety features
  • Check heating and fan ductwork in attic or crawlspace

2. Make minor maintenance repairs

  • Replace lightbulbs – changing them all can prevent any older one from burning out while buyers are touring your home
  • Replace HVAC filters
  • Replace torn screens or cracked windowpanes
  • Unclog any clogged drains
  • Repair any water damage in kitchen or bathroom
  • Clean dingy tile grout or re-grout as needed
  • Clean the stove and oven
  • Replace missing roof shingles
  • Replace damaged insulation

3. Check basic safety and security

  • Check for and eliminate any pests
  • Have fire extinguishers available – kitchen and garage at a minimum
  • Replace all smoke detector batteries
  • Test carbon monoxide detector and replace batteries
  • Cap gas lines
  • If you have a pool, check gate locks and other safety features

4. Tidy the exterior

  • Trim trees that are near or overhanging the roof
  • Clean gutters and sweep debris off the roof
  • Clear weeds and debris from the AC, downspout, and foundation or crawlspace vents
  • Make sure soil slopes away from the foundation for water runoff

5. Prepare access for the inspector

  • Empty storage from attic
  • Organize closets that are access points
  • Declutter to provide access to any home systems such as water heaters, the electrical panel, heating system
  • Clear 6″ of access space around perimeter of exterior

6. Be inspection-ready

  • Plan to crate or remove your pets so that they don’t hinder the inspection, or try to escape due to strangers in the house
  • Make sure all utilities are turned on
  • Turn on the pilot lights so heating can be tested
  • Leave remotes for garage door, ceiling fans, lights, or other appliances that are part of the inspection
  • Leave keys for any gates, electrical boxes, or outbuildings
  • Take laundry out of the washer and dryer so that both can be tested
  • Remove dishes from the sink and dishwasher so they can be tested
  • Have a plan or sketch available locating any well or septic tank
  • Have records and paperwork for past repairs, maintenance, insurance claims

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