Questions to Ask BEFORE Your Home Inspection

1. What do you check during a home inspection?

If you’ve never purchased a home, or it’s been a while, you may not fully understand what a home inspector checks. Going into the home inspection with a good understanding of what is checked can help you walk away happy. See the overview of what we include in a basic home inspection.

2. What do you NOT check during a home inspection?

A home inspector can’t check everything. It’s limited to a visual inspection – which means that your home inspector can’t cut holes in walls to see the pipes in a bathroom, for example. They also cannot access locked spaces, or move heavy furniture.

In many instances, a home inspector will flag a potential problem they see during their visual inspection which would require an expert in the particular field – HVAC technician, electrician, or plumber for example – to come back and perform a more detailed examination of those systems.

Basic home inspections may not include some special types of inspections, such as pool inspections, but these can be requested and added on to your home inspection if your home inspection company offers them.

3. How much does a home inspection cost?

While the price of a home inspection can vary somewhat, especially if you need additional specialized inspections that are not part of a standard home inspection, you will be told the cost of a home inspection up front.

At Semper Fi Home Inspections, we also offer convenient ways to book a home inspection, and to pay. You can pay when you book your home inspection appointment, or at the time of the inspection. We also take several forms of payment for your convenience.

We know that purchasing a home comes with a lot of expenses up front that aren’t related to your down payment or mortgage. We also know the cost of a home inspection will more than pay for itself in the peace of mind you receive from having a solid understanding of what maintenance or repairs a home may need, so that you go into your transaction with the ability to make a well-informed decision. This is why you never want to skip a home inspection.

4. How long have you been doing home inspections?

While we’ve been providing professional home inspections for a long time, keep in mind the number of years may not always mean as much as the number of home inspections. You’ll want to ask about both the length and the depth of your inspector’s experience. We’ve done thousands and thousands of home inspections in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and surrounding areas.. Experience can mean a lot, especially if you’re considering purchasing a home that is older or has some unusual features.

All Semper Fi Home Inspections staff are professionally trained and have received required licenses, certifications, and on-the-job training. In addition, they receive training and support while affiliated with our company.

5. Can I come along during the inspection?

As long as you’re available – yes. This allows you to ask questions, explain some of the home’s systems, and get any clarifications you need in the moment, plus take photos if you want (although Semper Fi Home Inspection report will also contain photographs and videos).

If you’re shopping around and comparing home inspectors, and they tell you that you cannot join them at the home inspection, this should be a red flag. Be sure, even if you don’t choose Semper Fi Home Inspections, that your inspector allows you to come along if you so desire.

6. How long will the home inspection take?

Home inspections often take place during the work week. Knowing how much time you’ll need to block out will keep you from having to rush through the inspection to get back to work. We can provide you with a time estimate – but also keep in mind that how much time needs to be spent by your inspector will often depend on the condition of the house.

If you’re shopping around and comparing home inspectors, pay attention if you’re quoted something that feels way off – a half day for a two-bedroom condo, or only one hour for a large historic home.

7. Can I see a sample report?

Sometimes the ability for a home inspector to show you an actual report they have done for other clients will depend upon confidentiality requirements.  But you can always request a sample report.

Our home inspection reports are thorough and informative, provide an optimistic assessment of the property, and are emailed to you and your REALTOR® the same day and contain color photographs, comments, and a summary section broken down into Safety, Repair, Improve, or Monitor recommendations.

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