Post-Holiday Cleanup

Now that the holiday is behind us, it’s time for some post-holiday cleanup – especially if you plan to host family for New Year’s.

Here’s a few easy ways to bring your house back to normal.

Walk the Dog

You know we love dogs, such as our own Bruce, here at Semper Fi. While you likely walk the dog every day, they can pick up on human excitement throughout the holidays, which means that a few extra or longer walks can do a lot of good in helping your pets release some pent-up energy. Sneaking in a few extra walks will help your pooch, and also help with those extra 5 pounds that you may have picked up over holiday meals.

Get Help

Make a list of the bigger tasks that need to get done, such as removing exterior decor, and decide which ones you want help with. Some tasks may need more than one person, or someone tall, or others – such as storing glass ornaments – aren’t as kid friendly. This way you can call people in as you need them, rather than have several people just standing around waiting for a job to do.

Wrap Your Lights

Storing ornaments and decor is always on the list. Having specific boxes or inserts that are designed specially for Christmas decorations can make this task easy. One of the easiest things you can do, that will help you greatly next year, is to simply wrap your light strands around a piece of cardboard or even thin wood to keep them untangled and more easily identified. If you change nothing else in your steps to put away decor, this should be the one piece you add.

Replace Broken Decor

As you’re taking down and storing all of your Christmas decorations, note which items need replacing. Take advantage of the post-holiday sales on decorations to replace things that may have broken or reached their end of life, such as strands of lights with burnt bulbs.

Recycle The Tree

If you’ll be disposing of a real tree after the holidays, do a quick internet search of places to compost or recycle your Christmas tree in your city. Composting trees is environmentally friendly, creates great compost for gardeners, and doesn’t take up space at the landfill.

Clean Out The Fridge

Yes, we had you do this before the holidays, and it’s time again! Start by taking a look at the leftovers from your holiday meal. Face it, if you haven’t eaten the extra turkey by now, you probably won’t (and possibly wouldn’t want to at this point if it’s been hanging out in your refrigerator and not the freezer). Go ahead and toss out anything you’re not going to finish today, and while you’re at it toss out expired foods, and things you know you won’t use, so that they aren’t hiding in the back recesses of your fridge – and you can start the new year well organized.

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