Our Best Tip for Winter:

Reverse your ceiling fan

One easy way to make your energy use more efficient is to simply reverse your ceiling fan so that the blades turn clockwise in the winter.

The reverse switch is usually located either on the base housing, or in some cases if your fan has one large dome light, you may need to remove the light cover to access the switch. Remember if you’re using a ladder or step-stool to keep safety in mind! If your fan has a remote, you may have a reverse button right on the remote.

Make sure you turn your fan off and let the blades completely stop moving before flipping the switch to change direction.

The blades moving clockwise – on a low speed – help push the warmer air which has risen up to the ceiling out and back down, which helps keep your rooms slightly warmer and will likely allow you to turn down your thermostat a bit.

And of course when the weather starts getting warmer, you will want to switch the blades back so that they turn counterclockwise and keep the cooler air pushed down.

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