One of Two Things Happened During This Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is one of the prime parts of a full home inspection.

One of our professional home inspectors saw this on a roof he was inspecting.  An arrow was shot into the roof of the home.

One of two things happened here.

  1. The archer missed the target
  2. The roof WAS the target
Either way you aim it, inspecting your home’s roof is an important piece of your home inspection.
The roof is a critical component in protecting the rest of the house, and making sure it is intact and able to do it’s job means that the rest of your home has a better chance being protected from the elements.
This arrow – which wasn’t visible from the ground – may not have immediately caused any critical damage that would result in larger problems in the future.  It’s also possible that the tip of the arrow may have pierced the shingles, the underlayment, and if the tip of the arrow went far enough into the roof, it could have pierced the wood decking.  It would only take a small hole in these different layers to be enlarged over time as wind, rain, sun and snow degraded the edges of a small hole and made it larger.  Before you know it, you have a roof leak, which results in additional interior repairs.
In the case of this roof, the shaft of the arrow was deeper into the roofing system and would have likely caused significant issues down the road.
Many things can damage the integrity of a roof and be a potential cause for issues now or later.  Usually, an arrow isn’t one of these – but anything that damages the roof can be an issue – even budding archers with bad aim.
As a homeowner or a home buyer, you may be able to spot some of the more obvious issues with a roof with your eye from the ground, such as missing shingles.  However, other types of damage aren’t as easily seen with the naked eye and require an analysis by a professional.
During an inspection of your roof, your inspector will be looking for any signs of unusual wear and tear or damage that may have been caused by natural events – such as wind or tree growth.  Any signs of larger issues that may negatively impact the integrity of the structure will be noted since these issues can possibly large, and costly, problems in the future.  The sooner you become aware of the issues, the sooner you can make repairs, and in the case of a roof an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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