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Infrared Camera Caught This Issue at a Home Inspection

Look what Semper Fi home inspectors can find for our clients with infrared cameras.

We scan the electric panel with a thermal camera at every inspection for overheated wiring that could burn wires and breakers.

It appears in this picture that one of the main electrical leads going into the electric panel on the top right and has a loose connection, which is one cause of overheated wiring.

You can see the difference in the two pictures, the first one one is taken with a spot Infrared thermometer that can only show temperature at one spot at a time and the second with a Flir infrared camera which shows a much bigger and more accurate thermal picture.

This electrical panel scan is free and included with every home inspection. As an add on service for extra peace of mind, our clients can order a Thermal Infrared (IR) Camera scan of key areas of the home to uncover additional issues that may otherwise not be visible to the naked eye – such as plumbing leaks and moisture intrusion.

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