How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill This Summer

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The average American household spends about $2,060 per year on energy costs, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Most homeowners waste energy, and wasting energy is like throwing away money. Most homeowners throw away the equivalent of a 42″ flat-screen TV every year in wasted energy. They’re throwing away a brand new mountain bike or a really nice gas grill, or a weekend getaway vacation–because their home is wasting energy.

Yet many homeowners could save hundreds of dollars every year without really changing their lifestyle.  It doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting in the dark or living uncomfortably.

An annual home maintenance inspection may help you identify places where you could improve your home energy use – and that’s even more important during the Texas summers that we experience in Dallas and Fort Worth area. Every dime of energy use allows us to keep our families cool and safe from extreme heat.

There are ways you can increase your energy efficiency of your home, and we’ve broken them down into items that can help save energy immediately, and recommendations for ways to save later at the point when systems in your home need to be replaced. In addition, we’ve ordered the lists according to the items with the fastest and biggest return first:

Things that you can do now and see an immediate impact:

  • add attic insulation
  • add basement/crawlspace wall insulation
  • add basement/crawlspace floor insulation
  • check air tightness around doors and windows
  • check exterior walls
  • seal ducts
  • insulate ducts

Recommendations for when equipment needs to be replaced:

  • service or upgrade central air conditioner
  • service or upgrade boiler, furnace or heat pump
  • service or upgrade room air conditioner
  • evaluate the roof’s reflectance
  • evaluate/add insulated sheathing to roof
  • service or add skylights
  • add or upgrade insulated sheathing to siding
  • service or upgrade water heater
  • evaluate/upgrade windows

Our annual home maintenance inspection can also help you identify items that could help you increase the efficiency of systems in your home, and result in a lower electric bill this summer. Schedule yours today!

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