How Pet Illness Can Affect Your Home

85 million families in the US own pets. Pet-borne diseases are rare but can be contracted from your pet either directly or indirectly.

Here are some of the most common.


Fish tend to be a very safe choice because they inhabit their own self-contained domain. However, they can carry bacteria that can infect humans and may contaminate aquarium water.

When purchasing a new fish, pay careful attention to ensure that your prospective pet inhabits clean, clear water, is energetic, is eating properly, and displays the typical coloring for its species.

Proper hygiene after cleaning the aquarium and taking care when changing aquarium water are the easiest ways to protect yourself and your family.


Usually, if you’re not a dog lover then you’re a cat lover.

The most common disease from cats is toxoplasmosis, a parasite that often comes from eating contaminated raw meat. It can be spread to humans through the infected cat’s food or exposure to feces.

In healthy humans, it usually causes flu-like symptoms, but those with compromised immune systems can have much more serious symptoms. Pregnant women are at greatest risk, including serious symptoms or even death for the baby, and should not come into contact with cat litter boxes.

Another cat-borne disease is cat scratch fever, caused by bacteria that almost half of all felines will carry at some point in their life. Symptoms may also mimic the flu and could include an infection at the site of the scratch.

MRSA and hookworm are other diseases that cats can contract and pass to humans.

Basic hygiene practices help, such as keeping the cat litter box clean, taking care when cleaning the box, and ensure that all food – pet and human – is properly stored. Teaching cats not to scratch, and properly disinfecting any wound, helps as well.


The most well-known threat from dogs is rabies, especially among hunting dogs or those that have more free reign to run. Supervising your dog when it is outside, and knowing about the wildlife on your property is also important.

Salmonella is another threat, and, oddly enough, you are most likely to be exposed to it through your pet’s food. Both raw and dry pet food can become contaminated, so handle it with care, and ensure that small children do not have access to it.


Animals in the reptile family, such as snakes and lizards, frequently have salmonella on their skin, so good hygiene and cleaning your hands after holding the pet is required.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

It’s not all about keeping your home healthy for the humans, as many of us feel the pets are a part of our family. Keeping your home clean and well maintained is the best way you can also help keep your pets health.

An annual home maintenance inspection is one easy way you can assure that your home is safe – for the two and four-legged members of your family.

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