Example of Why You Need to Inspect a New Construction Home

These photos are one example of why you should ALWAYS get a home inspection on a new construction home.
Most people who are having a brand new home built assume that everything will be fine and that a new construction home inspection is not necessary.
Mistakes are easy to catch before you close on the home and move in – not as easy after the fact.
When we tested this dryer outlet plug, it had 240 volts across the right and bottom slots (where it should have 120 volts), and 0 volts across left and top slots (where it should have 120 volts.)  Oops…
This type of error could have caused the new homeowner many different types of headaches.
Needless to say we recommended it be repaired by a licensed electrician.
It’s a good thing these customers had an inspection done by the professional inspectors at Semper Fi Home Inspections.
Schedule your home inspection easily online at https://semperfihomeinspections.com/contact/ or by calling 682-351-2267.

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