Why Electrical Service Panel Inspections are Important: Safeguard Your Home and Family from Potential Hazards

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The electrical service panel is a crucial component of your home, as it controls the circuit breakers for every electrical outlet and device throughout the entire property. A professional home inspector will carefully examine the electrical panel during the home inspection process.

Ensuring that the panel is fully functional is vital, as it can pose safety risks, including electrocution and fire hazards.

Electrical Service Panel Inspection

Some of the things that your home inspector will be looking for:

Design Issues

  • Aluminum branch wiring
  • Circuit breakers improperly sized for their load
  • Sharp-tipped screws or wires damaged by these types of screws
  • Inadequate clearance. Electrical panels require minimum clearances in front, to the side, and above the box.
  • Physical contact points not making good contact, which can result in arcing and potentially fire.

Maintenance Issues

  • Corrosion on any parts of the panels. Corrosion on wires can increase the risk of electrical arcing, which can lead to fire.
  • Damage caused by rodents, including mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons. Rodents can chew through wires and may even be electrocuted.

Past Issues

  • Evidence of electrical failures, such as burned or overheated components
  • Signs of water intrusion within the electrical panel
  • Indications of missing or improper bonding


Certain manufacturers are known to have problems with their electrical panels. If your panel falls under one of these models, your inspector will likely note the issue.

Electrical panels may not always be at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind unless you trip a breaker or experience other issues. A professional inspection can alert you to potential concerns that should be addressed to maintain the safety and functionality of your home’s electrical system.

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