Do New Homes Need to be Inspected?

The answer is Yes.  We have inspected many new construction homes.  Here are some facts about new home inspections.
Q:  WHEN should a new home be inspected?
A:  The best time is several days before the buyer’s final walk-through, but when the builder is mostly done with the home. That allows the builder time to fix anything found before the walk-through and closing.
Example:  Here’s a cap that wasn’t removed from the top of a plumbing vent we found on the roof of a new home recently – might have had drain issues down the road.
Q:  So why should Realtors recommend their clients get a new home inspected?
A:  Less issues with their new home = Happy Clients
A:  Happy Clients will refer YOU more to others

“We always recommend a new home buyer get an inspection.  Issues are always found during the home inspection.  The buyer then can have the issues corrected before they close and have greater peace of mind about their new home.”  Rick and Sue Irving, Realtor/Broker/Owners with My Texas Home Realty in Fort Worth TX.

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