DFW Home Inspection Tips for Fall

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Some of our best tips for Fall include a quick inspection of your own home and use our “Remove – Repair – Replace” motto:


Overhanging tree limbs – check your bushes, shrubs and trees that are close to your house, and remove limbs that overhang or touch the house, and remove dead or diseased trees and shrubs so that they can’t damage your home during storms. Fall weather is great, making it a great time to tackle those yard cleanup jobs.

dallas home inspection


Driveway cracks – have you checked your driveway and walkways lately? It’s normal for cracks for form, due to soil erosion and other normal issues. Filling the cracks can help prevent future problems. Also check for cracks where driveways and walkways touch the house or foundation, which can help prevent flooding and foundation leaks.


Caulk and seals – check all of your windows and doors, and replace any seals or caulking that is broken or worn. This will help keep your home better-insulated, allowing your home to be and warmer and more efficiently during upcoming colder winter months. Also check all windows for cracked glass and replace the panes as needed.

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Worn extension cords – fall is a great time to check any plug strips or extension cords that you have used around your home that may otherwise never be seen behind furniture or otherwise. This can also help you have all of these items ready and in good condition for holiday decorating. Go all around your house – every room – and check all of these cords, pulling out furniture if needed, and if they are starting to show any signs of wear and tear go ahead and replace them now. This is for the safety of your family; worn cords can become a fire hazard!

Also remember that extension cords are only for temporary use, and should never be placed under a rug or through a wall. Running an extension cord under a rug, stringing together multiple cords, or snaking it through a door or window which may then get shut on the cord tightly or repeatedly, is a leading cause for house fires. If you find yourself using extension cords on a regular basis, it may be time to call in an electrician to install additional plugs.

For even greater peace of mind, you can schedule an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection for anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

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