Backyard Maintenance Through Recycling

Spring and summer is the time when we focus on our yards, and one of the best things we can do can also help the environment by recycling some of our waste. Gardening can be a perfect way to do some recycling and help you maintain your yard at the same time, which can often help prevent issues such as water standing in places where you don’t want it, and overall can help keep your property value up by providing a healthy, green lawn.


All of your fruit and vegetable scraps (no dairy or meat) can be used for compost. Aim for a mix of 50% green matter (fruit and vegetable) and 50% brown (hay, straw or leaves). Not only does this stop this food waste from going to a landfill, it is also great to use to enrich your soil, especially if you do any type of gardening.


While most news is digital nowadays, some people still get newspapers. Like all paper, it is recyclable, but another easy use is in your garden. You can use newspaper as mulch, or as a weed deterrent by laying it flat around the base of your plants.


Are you a regular coffee drinker? Your used coffee grounds are perfect for adding some nutrients to your soil. For best results, spread them out well and mix them a bit with the topsoil so that they don’t block air from reaching the soil or get so thick that they gather mold.


All you need to do is head over to Pinterest to grab a ton of ideas on ways to use old materials for planters and other decoration in your garden. Old tires, chairs, wagons, teacups and much more can generate some crafty inspiration.

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