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Tree Damage After a Storm

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Usually in June at the start of summer, we are highly focused on ways to protect our yards against drought. This year we are seeing a more consistent amount of rain and storms, which can bring its own issues to our yards. A very common problem during storms is tree limbs falling. High winds can […]


What to Do if Your Pipes Freeze

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It never fails to happen: Mother Nature lulls us into a false sense of security with warmer weather, and then another hard freeze (32F or below) sneaks in. And it’s times like these that we forget to take those last protective measures to keep our pipes from freezing, such as leaving faucets dripping. The biggest […]


When Do You Need to Inspect for Asbestos?

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When a home buyer is considering purchasing a structure built before 1980, one of the issues of concern will be the possibility of the presence of asbestos.  Asbestos was popular as a building material because it doesn’t burn, so it was widely used in items that needed to resist heat, including materials such as roof […]