Smart Home Inspection

Tips for Your Smart Home Technology

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smart home technology

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly available and affordable as an easy way to upgrade your current (or future) living space. There are a few common problems that are encountered that have relatively simple fixes. When a Device Can’t Connect to the Network Network connectivity is one of the most common issues that smart device […]

Condo Inspection

What is Included in a Condo Inspection?

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dfw condo inspection

Are you in the market for a condo or townhome in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex area? While many construction elements of a condominium are regulated by a homeowners association (HOA), a condo inspection is still a necessary step in your home buying process. Condominiums share many common elements that need to be inspected […]

Home Inspection Tips

How to Speed Up Your Home Inspection

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Speed up your home sale by preparing your home ahead of time using the following tips from our friends at InterNACHI. Your home inspection will go smoother, with fewer concerns to delay closing. Confirm that that the water, electrical and gas services are turned on (including pilot lights). Make sure your pets won’t hinder your […]

Home Maintenance

Common Plumbing Terminology

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Plumbers have been a common sight recently in the DFW Metroplex after the winter storm and the impact of frozen or burst pipes. With that comes a lot of plumbing terminology that you may have not encountered. Here are some common plumbing definitions that you may hear from a plumber or even from your favorite […]


How to Get Rid of Carpet Mold

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carpet mold

As we know in Texas, burst pipes can cause our carpeting to stand in water, potentially for a bit of time until we can get the water shut off and a plumber called for repairs. Smaller things can also cause carpet mold – like overwatering plants, a persistent leak, and even an untrained puppy. This […]