90-Day Warranty

We include our 90-day limited warranty as part of our Standard Warranty package that comes with all full home inspections we provide.

The 90-Day Warranty provides coverage for structural and mechanical items inspected and found to be in good working order by our professional inspector.

This coverage includes common plumbing fixtures such as faucets and water heaters; electrical components such as service panels and wiring; some kitchen appliances; HVAC equipment such as air conditioner, thermostat, and garage door openers.  Structural components include poured concrete foundations and block wall construction, floor joists, bottom and top plats and wall members, roof leaks, load-bearing walls, and attached garage doors. Exact items covered are subject to change, and are outlined in the brochure which you can request.

*The 90 Day Warranty contract excludes all appliances, climate control systems, and fixtures over 10 years old.