Saving Energy Series: Water Heater

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We talked about how cooling your air uses plenty of energy, and another appliance in your house does as well – your hot water heater. Water is about 1,000 times more dense than air, so it makes sense that it would use more energy. Heating water accounts for 15-25% of energy consumption in the average home, according to […]

Energy Efficiency

Saving Energy Series: Home Appliances

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energy saving appliance tips

Your home features many large appliances that are hard-wired into your electrical system, and can not simply be switched off. These include your dishwasher, dryer, oven, and refrigerator. Larger appliance means it can be harder to save energy used by these devices. Remember, we are working on many small steps that together add up to […]

Home Maintenance

Biological Pollutants in the Home

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biological pollutants

Outdoor air pollution in cities is a major health problem. But air pollution can be a problem where you least expect it, in the place you may have thought was safest — your home. Many ordinary activities, such as cooking, heating, cooling, cleaning and redecorating, can cause the release and spread of indoor pollutants at […]