14 Month Warranty FAQ

When does the 14 month term begin?  

The warranty term will begin once the warranty has been paid for, this usually ocurrs at closing.

When should I order the warranty?

The best time to order the warranty is before closing so that the coverage can start as soon as they take possession of the home; however, you can order the warranty at anytime and set any start date that they want (warranty must be paid for to be valid). 

What happens after I order the warranty?

You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours with the invoice included. If we see that additional information is needed to process the warranty or if ou are paying for the warranty outside of closing, we will give you a call.

Can I pay for the warranty directly?

Yes, just choose “person ordering warranty-payment not at closing” on the order form and we will call you for payment.

Can the warranty be paid for at closing?  

Yes, once the warranty is ordered, you will get a confirmation email with the warranty invoice. This can also be sent to the closing attorney so that the warranty amount can be added to the closing documents. On the order form, you will need to note whose funds should be deducted from at closing as per the signed real estate contract.

How do I get listing coverage including the HVAC?

The seller can order our 12 month warranty and will have free listing coverage for up to 6 months leading up to closing. At closing, the warranty can be paid for and the buyer will have the full 12 month term. If the closing never happens, the seller will pay nothing. If a claim is made prior to closing, warranty fee must be paid.

What is the deductible or service call fee?  

You can choose the $75 or $99 service call fee level (see pricing above). The $75 deductible buy down option increases the warranty price by $75 (however this reduces the deductible for the life of the policy). Many warranties will charge the service call fee each time a component fails; our warranty will only charge the service call fee once per specific component and will not charge you if a repaired component fails again. No matter which service call fee you choose, this warranty will be less expensive on a per month basis and will offer more coverage than any other warranty currently available.

What company provides this home warranty?  

The warranty is backed by Residential Warranty Services, a national home warranty company. 

What makes this warranty so good? 

Bottom line, it covers more for less. Be careful of a low cost entry price with other companies because there are usually add on fees if you want complete coverage. With our warranty, you will have direct access to personnel that can help you with any questions, issues, or claims.

What does the no “pre-existing conditions clause” mean?  

Many warranty companies will say that an appliance or component has a pre-existing condition and will deny coverage. If the property is inspected by a Certified Inspection Expert and it is deemed the appliance or component is functional, the item will then be considered to have no pre-existing conditions and will be covered.

Will I get a hard copy of the warranty package?  

Yes, the warranty package will be mailed to the address of the covered property.

Can I choose my own contractor for warranty claim repairs? 

Yes, you can choose to use your own contractor or an “in network” contractor. Please make sure to notify us of the claim and give us a chance to review the estimate prior to any work being completed. 

What does the roof leak coverage include? 

The repair of any new roof leaks will be covered, no matter the age of the roof.

Does this warranty cover underground sewer and water lines? 

Yes, the underground sewer line from the home to the street or from the home to the septic tank will be covered if a failure occurs. The main water line to the home has the same coverage. This is very important coverage because a home inspector cannot typically view or inspect these pipes.

Can I add mold growth coverage? 

Yes, visible mold growth coverage can be added for $85 and it will cover the remediation of any new visible mold up to $2000.

Does this warranty cover pools?  

Pool coverage can be added for $185. This option covers the mechanical components of in-ground pools and spas.

Does this warranty cover septic tank pumping?  

Septic tank pumping can be added for $45. This option covers one septic tank pumping in case of failure due to a full septic tank.

Will the warranty cover old equipment? 

Yes, old equipment will be covered with no pre-existing conditions if inspected by a Certified Inspector.

The inspector recommended that the HVAC system be serviced and cleaned, will the warranty still cover the system?t

Yes, it will be covered.  It is always good to have the HVAC system fully serviced and cleaned prior to your closing because this is recommended by the manufacturer to be completed annually.  Furthermore, there are many components in the system that a home inspector cannot check, but an HVAC contractor can.  If the systems were working during the inspection, warranty coverage will apply.  If something was not working during the inspection, simply keep documentation that it was repaired and warranty coverage will apply.

What if a component in the home was not working during the inspection?  

Simply keep documentation that was repaired and warranty coverage will apply.

Will the warranty cover consequential damage from a failure? 

There is no home warranty that will cover consequential damage such as drywall damage from a roof leak or flooring damage due to a dishwasher leak.  The warranty will cover the repair of component failure or leak, but the consequential damage will fall under home owner’s insurance.

Will the warranty cover defects found during the home inspection? 

The warranty is designed to cover items that are working properly at time of move in and then later fail.  It cannot cover items that are already in a non-working condition prior to the warranty purchase.  For example, you cannot buy auto insurance after you have an accident and then ask for a repair to be covered.

Will the warranty cover roof shingles?  

The warranty will cover the repair of roof leaks, but it is not a roof shingle warranty.  For example, it will not cover shingles that are worn, damaged, or have hail damage.  It will, however, cover a new roof leak that occurs, no matter the reason.

Does the warranty cover lawn irrigation? 

No, but it will cover the underground main sewer and water lines.

Will the warranty cover a leaking shower stall?  

Yes, if it is a plumbing related issue.  It will not cover leakage due to failures in the stall itself.

Can I renew the warranty after it expires?

Yes, you will be able to renew the same coverage for a 12 month term.

If I bring my current refrigerator and washer/dryer into the new home, will I be covered?  


Will the warranty transfer to a new buyer if the home is sold?

Yes and with no charge.