How is Your Indoor Air Quality?

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indoor air quality

We’ve all been spending a lot more time indoors in our own homes since the pandemic began, which has us thinking about the quality of our indoor air. If you’ve ever appreciated the smell of a fresh morning and been prompted to open the windows, you know the importance of air quality. Research has shown […]

Inspecting Home Exterior

Inspecting Aluminum Siding

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Aluminum siding is in decline as an exterior siding material because vinyl siding and other materials have become more popular choices. However, it is still among the most common forms of siding found today since it provided advantages over other materials from the time it was introduced in the 1940s and throughout it’s use into […]

Home Inspection Tips

The Semper Fi Difference

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Semper Fi Home Inspections prides itself on providing peace of mind to home buyers and sellers. We have carefully structured our services with these homeowners in mind, focusing on a mix of services that are proven to help all parties in the real estate transaction achieve that end goal. Here is our own Danny Smith […]