Home Flooding Prevention Tips (LIST)

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home flooding prevention

Whether from a torrential rainstorm, heaps of melting snow, or a leaky dishwasher, flooding can cause massive damage in your home. What’s more, clean-up can be extremely time-consuming and expensive, especially without expert advice. That’s why we rounded up flooding prevention and restoration experts from Bend to Atlanta. Read on to see their best tips […]


Winterize Your Home Part 4: Exterior

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Preparing these items on the exterior of your home helps protect from winter weather: Trim or remove large or dead tree limbs Clear gutters of debris Inspect stairways and railings Inspect outdoor lighting Cover or store patio furniture Move plants indoors or clear soil Store and rust-proof seasonal tools Stock up on salt or sand […]


Winterize Your Home Part 3: Roof Preparation

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January and February are the traditional months for ice and snow in Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex area. And your roof is the primary part of your house that protects you and your property from the elements. Get your home ready for winter by preparing your roof. Check the roof for missing/damaged shingles Check for […]